Self-developed models


What is BEST method?

The BEST method is a structured approach to describe a process that performs at an excellent level. The BEST method uses a tool which is a series of checklists (free download: Excel-tables) enabling the reader to assess his Best Practice or as a guideline for writing a Best Practice. There are two tools: the BEST tool (a detailed checklist consisting of 4 Excel segments) and the BEST Quick Scan (a summary of the BEST tool in one checklist). Both tools are described in detail in this book, authored by Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy.

Result Based Management Method

This is a dashboard with KPI’s (key performance indicators) for leaders (top management and middle management). Through a deployment of the objectives to lower levels in the organization a more systematic management of all parameters is achieved. This approach visualizes results. Through a structured approach the results are achieved step by step. It is also a technique that ensures everyone to take his responsibility, to behave accountable, to translate and to deploy the strategy of the organization in a series of indicators and results.

SAC model (Society Model & Active Citizenship). New!

Management of a country or region. Everything a public administration needs to do to create and develop a sustainable welfare and wellbeing in the country and surrounding regions.  It is not an assessment model for an Award application. It is an interactive approach between the leaders of the public organization and associated third parties. The whole approach leads to excellent results for all stakeholders. It is a very pragmatic approach.

A first draft of the book is complete (Dutch).