Assessment of a Best Practice – the goal is to achieve excellent results.

The BEST method is a structured approach to describe a process that performs at an excellent level. The BEST method uses a tool which is a series of checklists (free download: Excel-tables) enabling the reader to assess his Best Practice or as a guideline for writing a Best Practice. There are two tools: the BEST tool (a detailed checklist consisting of 4 Excel segments) and the BEST Quick Scan (a summary of the BEST tool in one checklist). Both tools are described in detail in this book, authored by Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy.

Validating a BEST-practice: a tool for Improvement and Benchmarking
Free download BEST-tools

Complete and detailed BEST-tool:

BEST Quick Scan:

Authors: Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy
Title: Validating a Best Practice: A Tool for Improvement and Benchmarking
Publisher: Productivity Press, Routledge Taylor & Francis Group

Dear Reader and Best Practices colleague;

The authors hope you are benefiting from our book, Validating a Best Practice: A Tool for Improvement and Benchmarking. This website offers you free downloads of the BEST method assessment Quick Scan and detailed Excel spreadsheets. See the links on this screen to access the tools.

In addition to providing you with the tools you need to achieve and maintain a Best Practice process, the authors also encourage you to share your Best Practice with us. There is an upload feature on this website to send your process description. We are gathering Best Practice examples for the next update to our book and would love to consider yours for inclusion. When you upload your Best Practice, please include contact information so we can get back with you for further discussion. Thank you for your commitment to Best Practice!

Book Validating a BEST-practice

The BEST-method allows you to assess a Best Practice. In addition, it is now also possible to make use of the GapCross software tool.