Society and Active Citizenship (SAC) model

Country management sustainability

How to Successfully Develop and Manage a Sustainable Country or Region
by Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy.

SAC-model (introduction).

SAC-model (paper, 14 pages): describes the main characteristics and tools of the SAC model, and also explains the value and the advantages for the multiple country stakeholders of such a model.

Professional Management of Performance Management. A practical guide for KPI management.
ASQ Government Division News (April 2023)

Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy, The Theory of Excellence, Comparison of Excellence model (EFQM, MBA, CAF, …) with SAC-Model, Quality World (Autumn 2022), p46-51

The Quality Management Forum, SPRING 2022, VOLUME 48, NUMBER 1. Look first at the Editor’s Notes of Sandy L. Furterer, PhD, MBA, is an associate professor in the Engineering Management, Systems, and Technology Department at the University of Dayton, on page 9.
We draw your attention at the two articles on pages 10-17 and pages 18-22.

PM2 method Quality Magazine (march 2022).

A metaphor is a tool to illustrate the different components of the Society and Active Citizenship Model. We use an apple orchard for our metaphor.

Presentation video SAC-model for Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary (September 2021, Sweden).

Although working with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) seems obvious, putting KPIs in practice is not always easy. This monograph (24 pages) treats the management of KPIs in detail, including solutions to encountered difficulties.

We have all experienced the difficulty of leading efficient meetings. A new, pragmatic tool, 2″-8″ (2 minutes, 8 minutes rule), facilitating a ten-minute decision-making cycle, can lead to exceptional results.

Eyes wide open.