Society and Active Citizenship (SAC) model

Country management sustainability

How to Successfully Develop and Manage a Sustainable Country or Region by Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy.

Management of a country or region. Everything a public administration needs to create and to develop a sustainable welfare and wellbeing in the country and surrounding regions. It is an interactive approach between the leaders of the public organization and associated third parties. The whole approach leads to excellent results for all stakeholders. It is a very pragmatic approach.

00: Graphical representation of the SAC-Model (Society & Active Citizenship Model):

01: SAC-Model: How to Successfully Develop and Manage a Sustainable Country or Region (The Quality Management Forum, Fall 2021, p.14-27). The Society and Active Citizenship (SAC) model is applicable to all countries. The SAC model can be applied to organizational processes toRead More

02: Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy, The Theory of Excellence, Comparison of Excellence model (EFQM, MBA, CAF, …) with SAC-Model, Quality World (Autumn 2022), p46-51. The focus of the SAC-Model is management of the complete public sector of a country. The non-prescriptiveRead More

03: A Metaphor for the Society and Active Citizenship Model: The Apple Tree, The Quality Management Forum, spring 2022, p.10-17. A metaphor is a tool to illustrate the different components of the SAC-Model. The model is an approach to more effectively addressing societal needs while using available country resources optimally. We use an apple orchard for our metaphor.

04: A practical guide for KPI management. All excellence models expect to not only develop enablers, but also to achieve results. The SAC-model (Society & Active Citizenship Model) also answers the question: “Is my country well managed?”. Although working with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) seems obvious, Read More

05: Yves Van Nuland and Grace L. Duffy, Never Enough Public Sector Resources. ASQ Government Division News (September 2023) p 8-15 Effective planning and measurement allow public sector leaders to maximize the use of resources and slow the rapid rise in government spending and national debt. Read More

06: Eyes wide open. SEE-principle. The application of the Self-reliance, Essence and Economy (SEE) principle can guide leaders of organizations to achieve better results by Read More

07: A new pragmatic tool, 2′-8′ rule, facilitates a ten minutes decision-making cycle, for Making Meetings More Efficient (The Quality Management Forum, Spring 2022, Volume 48, Number 1, p18-22). We have all experienced Read More

08: Professional Management of Performance Management (PM2 method), A Practical Guide for KPI management (ASQ Government Division News (April 2023), Quality Magazine, March 2022, p.4-27). Few people doubt the value of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) as a tool for the management of business or organization Read More

09: Presentation video SAC-model for Sandholm Associates 50-year Anniversary (September 2021, Sweden).