Books and articles

Several books and tens of articles in the domain of TQM in national and international journals

  • Yves Van Nuland and Grace Duffy, Validating a Best Practice: A Tool for Improvement and Benchmarking, BEST-method, Publisher Taylor & Francis, Productivity Press (USA). (publication foreseen Spring 2020).
  • Yves Van Nuland and Grace Duffy, Professional Process Management,  The Quality Management Forum, Winter 2019, vol 45, number 4 (2019) p1-11
  • Afaq Ahmed and Yves Van Nuland, The role of strategy in the Operational Excellence journey, Quality Magazine (2017)
  • Szabolcs Szigeti, Yves Van Nuland and Martin van den Boom, Health Systems Governance, Overview of concepts and terms, WHO Conference Barcelona, 13-19 October 2016 (40 pages)
  • Afaq F. Ahmed and Yves Van Nuland, How to Assess Your Organization’s Quality Culture, Quality Digest, 2016
  • Yves Van Nuland, Development of a preventive mindset (Dutch), Kluwer, Handbook of Process techniques and –engineering (issue 100) 2016, p 79 – 94
  • Yves Van Nuland, Impact of company culture and leadership on the decision process. How to achieve to take better decisions? (Dutch) in Handbook of Process techniques and -engineering (issue 88) Editor Kluwer (2013), p 97- 115
  • Editor-in-chief and publisher of the book “Excellent, A guide for the implementation of the EFQM Excellence model (Excellent 2000 was edited in English, French, German and Dutch).
  • Yves Van Nuland, Do you have doubts about the measurement results too? Quality Engineering 6(1), 99-113 (1993)
  • Yves Van Nuland, ISO 9002 and the Circle Technique, Quality Engineering, 5(2), 269-291 (1992-93) 

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