KPI management (detailed)

Few people doubt the value of KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) as a tool for the management of business or organization processes. The use of KPIs helps management make correct decisions. However, the way that KPIs are used by most organizations is far from perfect. This paper will help the reader evaluate and improve KPI management.
All excellence models expect to not only develop enablers, but also to achieve results. The SAC-model (Society & Active Citizenship Model) also answers the question: “Is my country well managed?”. Although working with KPIs seems obvious, putting KPIs in practice is not always easy. Many people struggle with the establishment and monitoring of key performance indicators. Quite often government organizations have difficulty finding, defining, and applying the correct indicators.
This monograph (24 pages) treats the management of KPIs in detail, including solutions to encountered difficulties.
The application of the method described in this paper allows you to professionally manage KPIs. This application will lead you to effective performance management. We call this method (PM)2 or PM square (Professional Management of Performance Management).